TO-BE participants are divided, according to the scientific and technological activity that they are planning to carry on within the Action, into three Work Groups numbered 1, 2 and 3. Every Workgroup is divided in a number of Tasks. A description of the Workgroups and of their respective Tasks is available here. Participants are advised to read about the activities of the different WGs and Tasks before making their choice.
Although the great majority of participants is certainly interested in the activites of WG1, we encourage those who do have the background and the capability to actively contribute to WGs 2 or 3 to seriously consider such choices.
We ask participants to also choose a second alternative WG/Task. We will use this secondo choice in case we find that, based on the first choices only, a very uneven distribution of participants among Tasks is obtained.
Changing WG and Tasks will be made possible to participants in the course of the project.