1) Can I fly from/to a destination different from my home city?

YES. But you need to provide a proof of comparison that shows that the tickets for the modified itinerary are not more expensive that if you were travelling from/to your town of residency. Moreover, a justification must be included in the Travel Reimburse Request online. Nevertheless, please contact the GHM before purchasing the tickets.

2) Can I book an hotel not indicated in the list of hotels recommended?

YES. Reimbursement of accommodation is based on a fixed flat rate, so you can book any hotel, but, regardless the cost, you will be reimbursed the flat rate established by the Management Committee.

3) I am sharing a room with another participant who will receive reimbursement via the Action. Can we both be reimbursed for accommodation? Can we share the reimbursement?

NO. If a participant is sharing a room with another one, only one can claim the flat rate reimbursement for accommodation. The flat rate cannot be split among the two participants by the GHM.

4) Can I buy the ticket for the plane, or must I wait for formal invitation?

We suggest not to purchase the tickets before receiving formal invitation via the e-cost, since this sets the basis for reimbursement. In addition, if you purchase the tickets before, if the event is cancelled (case of force majeure) you will not be entitled to reimbursement.

5) Can my Institution receive the reimbursement on my behalf?

Yes, you simply need to add your institution’s bank details and indicate specify that account on the TRR online.