Sergio Orazio Battiato

Home Institution: Università degli Studi di Catania

Host Institution: Laboratoire des Matériaux et du Génie Physique, Grenoble, France

STSM period: 17.01.2016/24.01.2016

Brief Summary of the STSM activity:

The aim of the STSM was essentially the training in spatial ALD process, an emerging and attractive method to deposit high quality thin films. A study of the ALD deposition of AgCuO2 thin films, new types of semiconductor materials of great technological interest, has been assessed. For this purpose, it is necessary to dispose of good quality precursors, in terms of mass transport properties, such as volatility and thermal stability. In this context, the poor avalaibility of volatile silver precursors represents an issue for silver thin films synthesis. The possibility to implement in the SALD process the silver and copper precursors Ag(hfa)phenanthroline, Ag(hfa)triglyme and Ag-Cu(trost)(hfa), synthesized at the laboratories of University of Catania, has been discussed. These precursors are expected to be very suitable for the AgCuO2 ALD growth. The processing parameters for the ALD growth of AgCuO2 films have been discussed and defined.

Impact: It is expected that at least one publication will be produced, reporting the use of new Ag precursors to deposit Ag metallic films and complex Ag-Cu oxides by SALD.




Umesh kumar Bhaskar

Home Institution: Catalan institute of nanotechnology

Host Institution: MESA+ University of Twente

STSM period: 24/01/2016 to 30/01/2016

Brief Summary of the STSM activity:

The STSM provided an ideal opportunity for extended discussions on recent results obtained about the influence of flexoelectricity in centerosymmetric and non centerosymmetric crystals. Additionally the STSM provided an understanding of the experimental capabilities and competencies of the host institution and fostered discussion about future collaboration projects

Impact: The visit facilitated discussion of ideas and the identification of challenges hindering their pursuit. However, to obtain publishable results, extensive work has to be made for the fabrication and characterization of the proposed devices