Emiliano Di Gennaro

Home Institution: Università di Napoli Federico II, Napoli , Italy

Host Institution: Swiss Light Source Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland

STSM period: 2016-10-22/2016-10-28

Brief Summary of the STSM activity:

The goal of the collaboration was to determine the nature of the interface states near the Fermi surface of LAO/ETO/STO and ETO/STO heterostructures and the Eu-4f, and in case Eu-5d states contribution to the conduction band of the spin-polarized 2DEG. With this aim, we fabricated ETO films in with different thicknesses on STO substrates at SIS beamline, by RHEED assisted PLD; then, we performed, in-situ, ARPES measurements at the HRPES station and spin-resolved ARPES at the COPHEE station.  Instead to investigate the band structure and the orbital character of the electronically reconstructed LaAlO3/EuTiO3/SrTiO3 heterostructure fabricated in Naples,  we used resonant soft x-ray angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy


Compared to STO and LAO/STO, ETO and LAO/ETO/STO are system much less studied. As a consequence, the results we obtained in these measurements runs are of great interest and surely innovative, deserving high level publications.
We foresee to quickly publish the results obtained by resonant soft x-rays ARPES, which allow a relatively more immediate analysis. A first publication will concerns the fundamental spectroscopic features that we measured, and their comparison with the well known features of STO. Then, possibly, a second important output can come from the polaronic character of the interface states, if confirmed.
The measurements at High Resolution ARPES beamline will complement this study, allowing a detailed description of the ETO bands and Fermi surface, on which there are currently not a full knowledge. Finally, a further publication could come from the spin-resolved ARPES data, if the related analysis will furnish a complete picture.